August 14, 2004


So you probably have a moderate or conservative friend, relative, or sweetie who hasn't entirely made up their minds about this election, but are leaning towards Bush (or at least haven't fired them in their own minds yet). You've talked about the war and the administration's (lack of) economic policy, how Kerry is a highly decorated Viet Nam vet who started his political career by protesting those aspects of the war we know recognize made it a mistake, and went on to become one of Congress' principle investigators. They're just not quite sure that Bush is as bad as us liberals and leftists say he is.

Have them take a look at this. The New York Times -- as mainstream and respected a media outlet as one can find in the US these days -- offers a laundry list of the Bush administration's efforts to slash regulation designed to protect the interests of Americans as a whole. And then remind them this is just a drop in the bucket -- ANWR drilling, more snowmobiles allowed in national parks, and more roads allowed in wildernesses come to immediately to my mind.

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