August 31, 2004

But they make my calves look so good!

In case you didn't know, high heels as terrible for your feet. (This would be the non-aesthetic reason I dislike high heels.)

Surrounded by undergraduates most of my weekdays, living in the third largest city in the country, and having a 15-year-old step-sister in California, I see these awful, awful shoes all the time; I would cringe thinking about how painful they must be, but then I'd never stop cringing. This isn't a problem exclusive to wealthy women who can afford the day spa treatments for the pain -- apparently it's virtually impossible to find comfortable, healthy shoes in women's sizes that aren't tennis shoes or sandals.

And that Simon Doonan guy is a tool.


MosBen said...

Have you ever tried on a pair of heels? They really fucking hurt! Also, any piece of clothing whose definition contains the fact that only the skilled can properly wear them are stupid.

Noumena said...

Except skis or snowshoes or rollerblades or ice skates.

MosBen said...

Sporting equipment is pretty fundamentally different from fancy shoes which serve no function other than style. I mean, yeah, it takes skill to not die when you're sliding down the side of a mountain, but walking down the sidewalk is a bit different.