August 27, 2004

Geek Update

I haven't posted any video game news lately, so I'll do a quick blurb about some recent stuff:

Evil Genius, where you get to play essentially a Bond villain that builds a lair and harrasses spies, just went gold, which means it will be in stores in a week or two.

Similarly, the Xbox RPG likely-masterpiece, Fable also went gold. In Fable you play a character from boyhood to manhood, with every change affecting you physically as well as the way people see you. For instance, you run across a married man with not-his-wife. He begs you not to say anything. Do you kill the man and whore? Agree to help him out? Extort money from him to keep his secret? Tell his wife? Extort money from him and then tell his wife anyway? It's all up to you and your decisions shape what kind of man you grow up into.

Lastly in the "gold club" as I believe I'll begin calling it right now, The Sims 2 went gold recently. You should all, by this point, have some idea about what The Sims is like. For those that don't: You control virtual characters in their virtual lives and make them cheat on their spouse and/or pee in front of people.

I'll edit in some more stuff later, but I have to get showered and dressed now.

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