August 30, 2004

Back To Jersey

Now, I'm sure he could have thought of a better name, but Kevin Smith is said to be planning a Clerks sequel called The Passion of the Clerks. Details are sparse, but it seems like it will be really low budget, though nowhere near the original, and star the original clerks, Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson. My only hopes for this movie are that he stays true to the original film and keeps the physical comedy to a minimum and makes this about smart dialogue.


Drew said...

To me, this looks like further deterioration of the Kevin Smith phenomenon. We don't need a Clerks sequel. I would much rather see him work on expanding his range. Still, that doesn't mean it will be bad. No, I have high hopes, though I really wouldn't call myself a Kevin Smith fan.

And the title has to go. Unless the story somehow involves The Passion of the Christ, which could be interesting, it's cheap and derivative. And South Park did The Passion of the Jew already.

MosBen said...

Really though, the old saying that you're only as well liked as your last project happens to be one of those cliches that's true. Jay & Silent Bob did ok, but Jersey Girl, from what I've heard, bombed, therefore he's probably not getting lots of money/famous talent thrown at him lately. This is a way to keep working on his currently tightened budget, energize his fans with a sequel to a film generally held to be his best, or at the very least one of his best, works. From what I've heard he really DOESN'T want to do anymore Jersey movies and would like to get into some original properties, but the Jersey movies sell. Also, I've heard a rumor that this is also a gift to Jason Mewes for going clean.