August 18, 2004

From right field ...

Okay, people. It's been awfully quiet here the past few days. Am I really that boring?

Here's something NOT City of Heroes-related: guess who's been talking about missile defence again. In particular, I'd like to draw your attention to the weak language used when talking about Kerry's reaction: 'Mr. Kerry has called for diverting money from developing the missile defense system, which Democrats say is untested, to pay for expanding the military by 40,000 troops.'

Democrats do say this. And since the only 'tests' so far have involved slow-moving drones, launching at specific times from specific locations, and built with homing beacons to guide the anti-missile missile in, striking 'Democrats say' from that sentence is probably the prefered construction.

In just a few weeks, we have Bush talking about missile defence and a national sales tax. What demographic are these moves supposed to appeal to? Stupid people? 'George Bush: Four more years of bad judgements and inept, transparent lies!'

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