August 29, 2004

To my con and mod friends

You (especially the moderates) are probably undecided -- you've read some bad stuff about Bush and Kerry both, you're not thrilled about Bush but your stance on abortion and homosexuality is making you wary of Kerry.

My friend, I ask you to read this. This is the Republican party today. If you are as appalled by this as I am -- maybe you don't think gay people should be allowed to marry; but those of us who do are as bad as Hitler? -- then I would ask you how you could bring yourself to vote Republican in this election. If not, then I think we should have a long, serious talk.

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MosBen said...

You know, she mentions that she's almost 50 and has never been married herself because no one has ever asked her. Shocking! I'd think she'd have suitors beating down her door with that personality.