August 05, 2004

I Just Won A Purple Heart! Yay!

I wasn't going to talk about this because it struck me as straight up dumb and because I'm feeling even EXTRA lazier than normal, but everyone else is talking about it and like my friend Drew, whose site you should read frequently, I don't want my friends to be caught up in the bullshit storm.

So The Swift Boat Veterans For Truth have been hounding the Kerry campaign from the start. In fact, some of them have been doing this since the 70s, now that's getting an early start! All the latest buzz is about a new ad they made where a bunch of them essentially say that Kerry didn't do anything to deserve his medals and therefore must have, by implication, fooled the entire comand structure, who apparantly don't check up on these supposed acts of heroism much. The problem is that none of these guys served with Kerry. Some of them say that they got as close as with in FIFTY feet of Kerry's boat when the heroism shit went down, but, well, they weren't like, RIGHT THERE or anything. Still, they probably know more than Kerry's crew, who were THERE in the more traditional sense of being, you know, next to the dude while he did stuff, all of whom support Kerry except one guy that's dead and one guy that has a personal gripe with Kerry but isn't involved with any efforts against him.

Like Drew, I can't imagine why the Bush campaign isn't putting the smack down on this group to shut up. I mean, ok, I guess it's conceivable that an occasional medal gets distributed to a soldier that maybe didn't quite earn it, but for it to happen four times to the same guy? I just don't think Americans buy that, and bringing this up just serves to remind the voters that, yes, Kerry has four medals from fighting in a war he didn't even agree with, while Bush has no medals, mostly because he specifically avoided fighting in a war that he DID agree with.

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