August 30, 2004

Open To Suggestions

My friend Drew's Blog, which I'm now inviting you to visit, just had a pretty successful experiment with having an open thread, so I've decided to steal the idea, but with a slightly tighter focus. We have something of participation drought going on here and I'd like to figure out why. By and large Dan and I are the only people that comment in the comments section which is made even worse by the fact that we are also by and large the content creators of the site. So here are some questions:

If you don't comment, why, and if you do, why not more often? What could we do to make you more comfortable commenting on a regular basis? Are there particular types of stories that we aren't covering that you'd like to see more? What types of stuff that we're doing do you like?

Basically, we don't want this to be our personal diary, we want it to be a community.

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