September 16, 2005

Ah, here we go! The controller in the left hand has two triggers available to the index finger, while the right has the d-pad with an A button directly below that and a B button for the index finger. Also, you should notice that towards the bottom of the right controller is another set of A and B buttons. Nintendo is planning on releasing a lot of their old games on the Revolution, and the controller on the right will be able to be turned sideways and used like a classic NES controller. The revolution is now! Posted by Picasa

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Jason said...

That looks like the worst controller of all time. Two hands working independently of each other, so many people will have problems with it. Especially considering the fact that the Nintendo is a system used primarily by children. If Nintendo keeps going along on this track they will have to turn into Sega and only make games and handhelds because their consoles are laggiung far behind the Playstation and the XBox