September 30, 2005

Geekify Your World

You've all got seven hours left to enter the Geekify Your World contest before it's all over and the Ra points for September are locked up and finalized. Remember, it's a lot of points at stake and you'll get an entire post dedicated to your glorious victory. Right now Drew is the only contestant, which means he's going to get points no matter what unless at least two of you enter with killer entries. So what you got chumps? You gonna get steamrolled like this?

"Nothing you can know that isn't known / Nothing you can see that can't be seen"


Jason said...

Benihaha, you should totally check out this site it is awesome. (As I am commenting you are three feet away from me, I just want the Ra points).

Jason said...

I'm back

Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour

MosBen said...

Again, you've got the right group, but that's an album (or anal bum cover if you like), not a song title.

Unknown said...

Magical Mystery Tour is a song title, but it doesn't contain the quoted lyrics. That would be:

The Beatles: All You Need Is Love

I own you, Jason. Never forget it.

Jason said...

Fucking google.

Drew you do not own me, you only own my heart, and perhaps my erect penis.