September 02, 2005

Money Sucks

I owe the following people money:
$1200 to my new school
$500 to my old school
$100 to my old roommate
$1200 to my new roommate's parents qua my landlords
$2500 on my credit card (complications on buying the car meant I had to make a down payment on it; fortunately, 0% APR for the first year)

Within the next month, I will also have to make car payments, pay an insurance premium for same, and my phone and cable bill.

I have $750 in my old bank account. Due to their stupid minimum balance requirements, I can't do anything with this money until the credit card is paid off and I can close the account entirely. I got paid $750 today, with another $750 in two weeks. I'm getting $3,000 from my mutual fund (hooray for my mom planning ahead, at least), but potentially not for another three weeks.

Here's the game: How should I prioritize these bills? Keep in mind that I need at least $50 a week for food.

How the hell do you future doctors and lawyers live off of loans?


Anonymous said...

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MosBen said...

Peanut butter sandwiches my friend.

DrDeef said...

I pay off old loans with new loans. It's genius, they don't even see it coming!