September 25, 2005

People in New Haven are pissed

Well, it turns out the article that prompted this post was flawed. Specifically, it was based on a crappy, rigged survey and selective quoting. From one of the young women who was quoted in the article:

It saddens me that I am portrayed as an insensitive and unambitious person in the article, and really did not know that Louise was only going to quote those of us who wanted to stay at home if/when we had kids. She in fact did interview my other suitemates who answered the survey as either not wanting to have children at all, or would continue working as a mother. I am somewhat shocked that she did not include ANY of their ideas or views in the article.

On the one hand, I was wrong: this source does, in fact, want to be a stay-at-home mom. On the other hand, she deliberately denies any inference from *her* preferences to those of young women in general.

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