September 15, 2005

It's a fuck-off!

And that's as clever as I get tonight.

Seven Ra points to whoever uses the most profanity in a 50-word comment. Rules:
1) Only your first comment counts
2) You must use sentences, and
3) Your usage of profanity must be grammatically correct
4) No one root word can be used as an ejaculation more than once

So you can't just type 'Fuck!' fifty times over, or 'Fuck! Fucker!' twenty-five times.

And, let's say, a couple bonus points to the runner-up ("loser") with the most creative swear word.


Unknown said...

Nigga, please! As if any of these fuck wits can hang with me. They are all my bitches. When it comes to swearing, my shit is tight as teen twat, you stupid fucking cunts. None of you pussy-ass little scumbags can compete. What kind of grab-ass-tic disorganized contest is this?

[Note: I counted hyphenated words as one word, such as "pussy-ass" and "grab-ass-tic". If this is inappropriate, I reserve the right to submit another post within those rules.]

MosBen said...

This is a fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

you are insane...

Anonymous said...

This shit takes serious ass thought. Not goddam easy to think of bullshit to say in 50 bitching words to win this damn fuckin contest because Dan's a douchebag and Drew you cum guzzler, racial slurs shouldn't count dickwad. Suck my imaginary balls you whores! I'm gonna win this thing!

Anonymous said...

*Insert transcript of Andrew "Dice" Clay live stand up here*

Jason said...

Drew, you cock-sucking, fatherfucking, son of a bitch. You emanate an odor that could best be described as rusty pussy-cheese. I would question your sexuality but I doubt that your tiny cock could extend past your fucking ginormous fried food filled shit factory. You cum-garglin', crap-showerin', dick-throatin;, ass-eatin', felching fartknocker.

Noumena said...

drew's word list: Nigga fuck bitches shit twat fucking cunts pussy-ass grab-ass-tic

9 words

Manda's word list: shit ass goddam bullshit bitching damn fuckin douchebag cum dickwad balls whores

12 words

jason's word list: cock-sucking, fatherfucking, bitch. pussy-cheese cock fucking shit cum-garglin', crap-showerin', dick-throatin;, ass-eatin', felching

12 words

So, we have a tie, between jason and manda. Seven points to each of them! And three points to drew for pussy-ass; I'm just not sure how that's physiologically possible.