September 26, 2005

PhilosophyQuiz II

Just because I came across this while reading and thought it was incredible.

For ten points, identify the author of the following quotation, and the title of the work it's from:

In this ... argument so many sophistical principles come together that speculative reason seems to have summoned up all its dialectical art so as to produce the greatest possible transcendental illusion.

For ten points, interpret it into more standard English.

For fifteen points, identify which argument the author means by "this argument" and/or summarize it briefly.

For five points, name a philosopher who puts forth "this argument".

1 comment:

Noumena said...

Okay, fine. I'll double the point values. But don't expect another one of these any time soon. Bastards.

Don't forget to do MosBen's contest, if you haven't already.