September 06, 2005

Collected links!

Just a list of links before I head off to bed, since the discussion threads on Katrina are starting to slip down the page.

First, there was some doubt expressed on the Red Cross being allowed into NO.
more dKos, and
The Red Cross itself

Also, the question of preventability and federal funding issues is discussed here.

An anonymous poster gives us this from the Post and this conservative site's timeline. The Post article supposed shows the governor of Louisiana has not requested federal assistance, but I didn't see anything like that as I scanned. I stand by my earlier critiques of the timeline: it doesn't cover a critical period of time in detail, and uses language which make the veracity of a few of its assertions somewhat questionable.

MosBen posted a link to Josh Marshall's take on things.

Busy day tomorrow, but the plan is to blog outlines of a couple papers I'd like to start writing soon.

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