September 05, 2005


We're more than welcome to read and respond to your comments, and engage in both stimulating, rigorous debates or exhausting shouting matches. While we aren't going to kick you out for calling us ignorami or just generally flinging invective, please try to accompany your rants with substantial argument. We try to do the same. Also, if you're posting anonymously, we ask you to include your name or a handle and your email or website address. Note that blogger registration is free and easy, and will let you include a handle automatically.

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MosBen said...

I would also like to point out that though I disagree with the opinions of our recent posters, it's almost certainly more interesting from my perspective to have them around than not at all. Opions of all kinds are welcome here, as long as it's understood that we're going to have them too and aren't going to hide them. I will say that in a couple of exchanges over the last couple days I've been a little uncomfortable with the level of personal attacks being thrown around, and I'd hope that in the future we can have debates that, though heated, don't include pointless name calling. Despite the name calling, I do think most of the recent posts had plenty of substance, which is great.

Hey, I started up the blog in the first place so I could have somewhere to put down my thoughts and to hopefully get the thoughts of others. So listen, I'd like to keep things friendly, but productive, heated, and lively.