September 10, 2005

More Ra Points Stuff

So in the previous post Manda suggested that the Ra points system isn't reward driven enough to encourage participation from everyone. While I always assumed that, as 'mericans, you all would be so driven to compete that that alone would be enough, but if it's reward you want, reward you shall have. Manda suggested some sort of digital trophy and that seems like a good idea to me. The trophy will be given out at the end of each period and will be posted in its own post, to be accompanied by a post written by myself and announcing your superiority to all competitors. Also, I think it would be fun if I allowed the winner to have a quote relating to their win included in the post. The quote is, of course, subject to editorial approval before it's published, so try to keep your quotes postable folks. I'm looking through the internet at you now Jay.

Here's the real question though; Manda suggested that I give out this award once a month, but I've been thinking that accompanying the award would be a resetting of the scores, so as to allow different winners as often as possible. What is the appropriate length of time for this? Is a month enough time for you guys to compete, or do you want more time before you lose your scores? Any other thoughts on how I can make the competition more enticing? I'm reluctant to do anything for the competition that I can't do in front of the computer (mailing prizes, etc.) because this is really supposed to be a minor diversion from the substantive posting, nothing that requires much effort or time from either me or you all. Anyway, all thoughts are appreciated.

"Mom and Dad, this is Chasey. Chasey, this is my Mom and Dad."


Unknown said...

Bloodhound Gang - THe Ballad of Chasey Lane.

Must protect my lead.

Unknown said...

I meant Lain, not Lane. My bad, dawg.