September 09, 2005

Ra Points Update

Wow, we've had an explosion of Ra points lately, mostly due to the music quotes I've been putting at the bottom of the posts. We've definitely got a few fierce competitors going at it, but don't let that discourage other from trying to get in on this action. I'm trying to think of special events that would allow people to catch up without letting the people in front to make their leads insurmountable. I definitely want to encourage frequent participation, but I also don't want it to get to the point where only people that work at a computer all day even bother to post because that's the only way you can compete. I don't know, we'll see what I come up with, but hopefully it'll keep everything fair for everyone. Anyhow, here are the current standings:

Drew: 50
Jay: 35
Jaime: 25
Andy: 25
Casey: 20
Joy: 12
Jesse D: 5 (a random visitor that accidentally earned Ra Points. That's super cool.)

I know we have more regular visitors than that. Like I said above, I know it's getting harder to get the music quotes, but I still dole out points capriciously for posting substantive comments to stories, and they'll always be worth more than identifying a music quote so you should be able to catch up pretty easily if you just express your opinions from time to time. Also, I'm going to try to make it a point to post trivia on the weekends, which will also be a way to catch up. So let's make this list longer and closer, eh?!

"Father, Father, we don't need to escalate. You see, war is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate."


Anonymous said...

What's going on-Marvin Gaye

Here I come for you Drew, you bitch!


Anonymous said...

I was just speaking with dan about these points this morning. If he didn't tell you my kick ass plan, then he's a dumbass. But, you should keep track like that, and at the end of the month, give the winner a trophy. Not a real trophy obviously, but find a picture of one, or a picture of a gold star that says 'Good Job!' and post it and say like hooray! so n so is the winner! ya! Or send them a piece of candy in the mail. whatever. It would make people WANT those points.


MosBen said...

Hey, if it'll encourage some people to participate that hadn't been before, I'll try about anything.

Anonymous said...

I've posted more random comments. YOUR challenge will be to find them, muah ha ha! Sorry I'm not as cool as your cool friends, man...