September 26, 2005


So Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. Does anyone think this will help the pro-war effort? As the link says, I'm sure she wasn't singled out, but still from a p.r. perspective I can't imagine this will help Bush & Co.

"Sun streaking cold / an old man walking lonely / Taking time / The only way he knows."


Noumena said...

Since the beginning of her protest, Cindy Sheehan has been portrayed as just another dangerous leftist, undermining the nation, 'the troops' and civilization as we know it with her criticism of this administration and its policies. I've no doubt that conservative sophists across the country see her arrest as a triumph of law, order, and Bush's virility over an emasculating leftist anarchist.

Jason said...

Jethro Tull-Aqualung

Anonymous said...

Nobody in DC cares which reflects the basic notion that nobody in Congress cares. Protest in DC has become relatively worthless. You want to make a difference? Do it in the statehouse because in DC, you have to get permits for your protest which is both ironic and sad. "Hey! I don't agree with the government and I want to protest!" "Excellent! Sign here, here, here, and here and be sure to read the fine print about getting arrested if you go here, here, here or here instead of here. Have a great day in YOUR nation's capital!" I think it's great how this has completely over-shadowed the investigation of Karl Rove. Anybody remember that? Valarie Plame? Hello? Oh, and Congress doesn't care about the war. They care about Katrina today. Actually, today they care about Katrina and the Defense markup in the Senate. But not much more and definately not the war. Or Cindy "I hired a P.R. Firm to make me famous" Sheehan. On Politics for one moment longer, hey, Tom're indicted 'cause you broke the law, not 'cause you're a partisan politician. Ya dig?