September 03, 2005

John Tierney is teh MASTAR!

Mastar of that logical argument form 'pulling things out of his ass'. Apparently, people lived in New Orleans because they enjoyed having oceanfront villas, and didn't have to worry about floods or hurricanes because they knew FEMA would pick up the tab. Hence, if we abolish FEMA, and force one of the poorest states of the nation to maintain an expensive system of dikes and levees to maintain one of our busiest ports, Louisiana taxes will shoot way up as the quality of life drops further and further, and eventually the only ones left will be poor people. Then, since poor people suck, we don't even have to waste time and money rescuing them during subsequent floods, which will no doubt occur far more often now that Louisiana is being forced to rely on the taxes is can gather from its most destitute residents to maintain the levees. Libertarianism rocks!

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