September 13, 2005

For Those That Might Be Interested

Evidently the patent on the NES has expired, so now other companies can make machines capable of playing the old carts. In fact, here's one. Thanks Pandagon!

"Heaven smiles above me. What a gift can be love."


Anonymous said...

Queens of the Stone Age-No One Knows

In the newest issue of Maxim they have a little how-to section about how to turn the original NES system into a handheld system. It is really cool looking and not that big. I am not sure what use it would be but the coolness factor alone makes it worth checking out.


MosBen said...

There you go! An extra five points for substance in your post!

Unknown said...

If I were you, I would dock points (or at least, withhold them) to those too lazy to log in. But that's just me.

Jason said...

Drew-Go fuck yourself.