September 03, 2005

How Cool? Pretty Cool, If You Ask Me

So in my searching for cool pen spinning websites I ran across the Book of Cool, which purports to be a collection of just random cool things that people can do. I'm sure I've seen cooler stuff in the more mainstream things like skateboarding, but they've got a guy doing rope and whip tricks! I don't know if it's $40 worth of cool, at least on my current budget, but it does come with three dvds of content, which is pretty good I guess for most videos like that. They also have some samples on the site which look pretty good if you wanna check 'em out.

On that note I'd like to add a message to Andy. Mind posting in the comments a site where I can find those cool vids you showed me, or is it something not postable? Anywell, that'd be helpful in my search of cool stuff.

"End of passion play, crumbling away
I'm your source of self-destruction"


Jesse D said...

The Book of Cool is pretty old, I only know this because I once stumbled upon a copy from the 80s at my parents' house.
I stumbled upon your blog when searching for "headpiece for the staff of ra" on Yahoo!
Love Raiders!

Jesse D said...

Damn. I hate posting twice to the same website (let alone the same post on the same website), but I just noticed the Metallica quote at the bottom of this post.

I have to give props for old Metallica and a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference.

MosBen said...

Hey Jesse, welcome to the site, and thanks for posting. Thanks for the heads up on the Book of Cool being older, though just looking at the website it seems like a newer version.

Glad to have you on the blog though, and hope you stick around. And without even meaning to it seems you've gotten yourself some Ra points! It's just a little competitive tool I use on the site to attempt to encourage comments posting. They have no real wold value, nor are they redeemable in any way for that matter, but I do keep track of the standings. Beyond identifying the song lyrics or movie quotes that I put at the ends of my posts, Ra points can be earned by posting in certain threads that I announce are Ra point threads because I want people's thoughts on something specific. I also sometimes post trivia, and answering it earns some points. Finally, in addition to lots of political comentary, I like find and post stuff from the internet that I've found that's just funny or cool. Anyone that tips me off to that type of stuff gets points also. Anyhow, congrats on your points!

MosBen said...

Oh yeah, and though it's probably obvious, I also am a big Indy and Metallica fan, so you're plenty welcome here.