September 19, 2005

Welcome, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends

Some time in the next ten to twenty minutes we're likely to see hit number 10,000 as recorded by Sitemeter for The Headpiece for the Staff of Ra. I know that for some fancy pants places that's not much, but we're a small site that's trying to grow. Anyway, hmmm, we should celebrate with some trivia....

1) Staff of Ra was actually birthed on another site (edit: it was on Livejournal. This should make the task possible to complete) and then moved to Blogger after I realized how hideous the first site was. Find the site and post the link in the comments for ten Ra points. I would like to say that the first version of the site, though hideous and with few posts, was awesome.

2) Find the first post I posted for this version of the site and identify the movie quote for ten Ra points.

3) Either use Sitemeter (which I think you should be able to access), or just look for my most recent post where I mention it, and tell me what search term has been our most frequent hit lately. Five Ra Points.

4) What was the first movie review I did for the site? Five Ra points.

5) When did Noumena, my illustrious co-blogger, joint the fray (month/date), and what was his first post about? Ten Ra points.

6) Who posted the first comment in the forums (the first one that still remains, that is), and what were they commenting about? Ten Ra points.

7) On what date was the Random 10 introduced to the site, and how many people posted their own 10s in the comments? Ten Ra points.

8) On what date were Ra points introduced on the sites, which question (along with answer) was the source of the most Ra points in that first post, and who got points in that first post? Fifteen Ra points.

9) On what date did I start posting lyrics at the bottom of my posts, what was that first song, and who, if anyone, got the points for it? 15 Ra points.

10) For 5 Ra Points each, name all the ways that I have announced as a means of getting Ra points. There are five I can think of...

Well, that's a lot of Ra points up for grabs. I'm not going to do the math, but I'm pretty sure that if pretty much anyone other than Drew gets the majority of these they should be able to overtake him in the standings. Thanks all for visiting the site. Hopefully the next ten thousand hits will come even faster.

"Hey pretty baby are you ready for me? It's your good rockin' daddy down from Tenessee."


MosBen said...

Actually, for all of these, posting the link to the answer will be easier than you telling me and me having to check. So please do tell us the answers, but also provide the link where you found the answer.

Anonymous said...


April 30th 2005, Joy was the only one who posted her 10.
Thanks jamie, by the time i found ALL of them you put most of them up. fuckin douche.

Anonymous said...

You should do another contest. Or make a limit. Bc I'm sure lots of us can't be up at 8 in the morning doing all of them before anyone else can't get a chance. grrr!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

3. Thundercats the Movie

Unknown said...

10. Lyric Identification, Suggest-a-Link, Movie Quote Identification, Random Trivia, Substantive Posting

MosBen said...

Fair enough Manda. Before the end of the month I promise one final chance to get mucho points, and I promise it will be posted in the evening Eastern Standard time.

Anonymous said...

Fuck yea, I was the only one who posted a random 10. I should get double Ra points just for that. Now.

MosBen said...

What the hell, Ra points are capriciously given most of the time, anyway. Plus, hopefully people might get off their damn asses and post their damn music.

Hmmm, let's say 30 points for Joy, 20 for the next Random 10 that get's posted, and 5 for all the subsequent 10s for that post. Remember, post often and post well, you never know when you will be rewarded, though it's likely often.

MosBen said...

Actually, Joy posted in Soundtracks of Our Lives post. Andy posted the only Random 10 last Friday, so I gave them both Ra points. The extra points are still available for further posting in those threads though. I want to reward people for checking comments.