July 28, 2004

2, 2, 2 Blogs In One!

This is mega cool both as a form of advertising and for new video game news. You should all read the story because it's pretty cool, but the very very short version is this: At the end of the theatrical trailer for Halo 2 which started showing a week or so ago, the www.xbox.com underneath the Xbox logo changes for a fraction of a second to www.ilovebees.com. The article breaks the site, and its evolution, down better, but it looks now like www.ilovebees.com is what is called viral marketing.

This is exactly the kind of advertising I want to see in the future. Well, no. I want to see NO advertising in the future, but ads are a fact of the world we live in, so they might as well be entertaining. Like the multi-part ads from the mid-90s (where a story was broken up into a series of ads), this type of advertising makes the ad itself a form of entertainment as well as a means of disseminating information about whatever product it's hawking.

And I love Halo 2 and if it loved me back I would have its babies if man/video game mating technology were more developed. But no, G.W. cut back on funding for that to! Is there no science he likes?!

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