July 19, 2004

That Thing You Just Missed? It's The Point.

So ol' Bill Saffire has another collumn about how those crazy liberals are totally wrong and that President Bush is the bestest leader ever and never ever lied about Iraq and in the process completely misses the fundamental issue in an election year. Sure, he makes a lot of points about how Bush didn't lie and whatnot, but I'm not interested in that debate. If Bush did lie, he could and should be impeached, but that's a harder case to make than the one we should be. An election year is a time to do a job evaluation for the President and decide if his performance warrants a re-hire. Yeah, to a certain extent Presidents are subject to the world they inherit. Say what you like, there's nothing Bush could have done to avoid the inevitable collapse of the internet boom economy and likely couldn't have stopped September 11 from happening. What's important is how a President deals with the world he inherits. It doesn't matter, as far as the election goes, if Bush lied about Iraq. The bottom line is that it's been a complete and utter fiasco. It wasn't a threat and has left us bogged down instead of fighting terrorism.

If Bush worked for any company in the world and got the company in the mess that he's gotten this country in with Iraq he'd be fired without a second thought. Whether or not he lied, he was WRONG and in a big way. Being the President is a tough job and you're bound to make mistakes, but getting the country involved in a war we didn't need to be involved in, especially if it hinders our ability to address conflicts in other areas of the country, is a fire-able offense.

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