July 24, 2004

A Step In The Right Direction

Fellas (and Dan):

I have my $20 copy of ESPN NFL 2k5. Please purchase copies as promptly as possible so the armchair quarterbacking can begin.

That is all.


MosBen said...

In the last year did football change in some dramatic way, making it both fun to watch and play video game versions of?

Archgarth said...

Czar, I'll be picking it up on Monday :)

Ben, video football can be fun.

Besides, I don't want to wait until NHL2k5.

MosBen said...

Wait, when you say football, are you talking soccer? I could get down with some futeball if that's what you want, but if you're talking dumb oblong pigskin ball, I think I'll take a pass. Get it, pass! Hahahahahahaha!

Oh, and Blade 2 is on tv and it rocks much more than football.

LameAim said...

Come on Ben, it's 20 dollars. You know you can do it. Give it a shot.

Noumena said...

1) I'm not a `fella'?

2) You seem to have mistaken me with someone who enjoys organized sports.

MosBen said...

Or as someone that owns an Xbox for that matter.

LameAim said...

That's why I said "and Dan". Because:

1) You don't have an X-box.

2) Your gender is questionable. Just kidding.