July 19, 2004

No, Not Like The Mel Gibson Movie

I realized that I hadn't mentioned Air America Radio on here yet, so when I ran across this post on Kos about Air America actually beating some conservative punditry I thought the time was right. For those that don't know, Air America is the liberal talk radio network concieved as an alternative to the likes of Rush/Michael Savage/ Sean Hannity and populated by people like Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo. Al's show is pretty good, though it borrows humor from his books so if you've read them you might hear some repeated jokes. The only show that I'm not terribly fond of is Randi Rhodes' show because it's a little too much like a liberal version of Rush, that is, mostly ideology and not terribly good arguments. Anyway, it's only available in a select few markets now, but you can and should tune in over the internet and give it a listen, especially if you've ever had the radio on Hannity's show and ended up rolling your eyes and maybe even yelling at your radio.

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