July 08, 2004

The Most?

I was watching Crossfire the other day and someone, maybe it was Tucker Carlson, brought out the by now often squawked point that Kerry and Edwards are the 1st and 4th most liberal senators currently. Nobody ever cites any source for this, so here's where you get to help me out. Where are they getting this and is it true? Does it really matter given the centrist trend in American politics lately?


Noumena said...

Ann Coulter has this computer in her basement called the Liberalometer. You put in a picture of the legislator in question and it tells you how liberal they are.

Of course, no-one has the heart to tell her it's just the cardboard box a breadmaker came in, painted purple with stars and glitter.

Anonymous said...

Brandon says:

I just can't believe they're calling Kerry the #1 most liberal senator. That's just a tag they're trying to pin him with during the campaign. Sheesh, it's not like Ted Kennedy doesn't exist or anything.