July 30, 2004

And Now...The Main Event

Kerry did his speechifying last night, but I missed it. How could I miss it you ask? I was READING of all things! Anyway, I caught it online, and if you missed it you should too. I must say that the Convention was, for me, increadibly effective. Between speakers like Clinton, Obama, Sharpton, Edwards, and now Kerry, I feel like I'm no longer voting against Bush. I'm voting FOR Kerry/Edwards. Yeah, I'm still way further left than they are and I'm bound to disagree with their adminstration on a lot of issues, but that's fine. My gripe with the Democrats in 2000 is that I hardly agreed with ANYTHING Gore ran on. Anyway, I think the party's pretty jazzed right about now. After we get that Republican Convention nonsense out of the way it's on to the debates!

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