July 13, 2004

I know, sounds impossible, but they're worse than you think

Salon has a story up on Outfoxed, a documentary exploring the propagandistic methods of Fox News. You might think this is redundant, but the reviewer suggests the truth about the network that Outfoxed documents is as bad as, if not worse than, any of the jokes we might crack about it. There isn't even a semblance of news or something worthy of the name journalism here.

Rather than politics, Fox News offers only lockstep ideology. It does not present arguments; it blends fearmongering and happy talk, rinses in red, white and blue, and pours the mixture down our throats. Instead of challenging its audience, it simultaneously terrifies and comforts them, painting a hostile world constantly in need of good, old-fashioned Republican-style American might. It shows us a busy screen of sound and fury, but devoid of all thought.

Interestingly, Outfoxed is not being distributed, partially as a way to cut down on inevitable lawsuits. You can order a copy direct off the website, or check with MoveOn to find a screening party near you starting Tuesday.

Update: The Chron also has a story on the film.

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