July 14, 2004

If you need a laugh ...

... check out this profound and well-reasoned argument against gay marriage. I can't decide whether I like the claim that gay marriages are anti-diverse (because it's two of the SAME THING, and anyone who points out a wider definition of diversity is "emotionally-charged", "illogical", and "changing the rules of the argument") or the bit where they accuse gay couples of "using the opposite-sex as a second-class concubine, womb/sperm donor or nanny in a subservient role at their bidding" more.

Or, if you and your loved one need some amusement this fine evening, see how many logical fallacies and factual errors you can find in this eloquent and persuasive essay.

And on behalf of traitorous American francophiles everywhere, Happy Bastille Day!

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MosBen said...

I'll be listening to "Bastille Day" by Rush in celebration. Huzzah!