July 10, 2004

All about god: the prequel

My copy of The Impossibility of God arrived today. Expect a review whenever I get around to reading it (currently I'm working on Thomas Franks' book and a phil of math thing I won't bore the rest of you with).

Until then, here's a nice little column that should communicate my basic thoughts on the deity thing. And yesterday Fresh Air had two segments on the historical development of the New Testament; more specifically, why John is in there, and Thomas isn't.

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MosBen said...

Well, as for the first part, tearing down intellectual design is about as hard or meaningful as beating up one of the kids with cancer from his hypo. Hell, it's like beating up the whole wing. The only people that really truly cling to ID are people that are smart enough to know that their faith is overburdened by the bloat of ideas that are in direct conflict with factual evidence. Deep down I think these people know that their faith should be pared down strictly to issues of faith and not fact, but the tradition they grew up in is a hard mental barrier to break.

And really, the second part is really more an indictment of the application of a religion and not really a question of the existence of God. Still a worthy issue to discuss, but I sort of felt like he trying for something else.