July 27, 2004

Moore v. O'Reilly

The lesson from this appearance is that Mike just isn't very good in a live debate and should, I humbley submit, probably have had me there to prepare him notecards. He let the debate spend WAY too long on whether Bush lied or not and didn't even argue the point very well.

I'll be the first to recommend Moore's films to people, but O'Reilly's just more accustomed to the live format. I did, however, send in an e-mail to the Factor making some of the points I thought should have been made, so if you watch tomorrow you may get to hear old Bill read a letter from Ben Allen.

UPDATE: Here's the e-mail I wrote to The Factor in case it doesn't get on:

I was disappointed with Moore's response on the "Did Bush lie?" question. We
don't need to press whether he lied for the purposes of the election because
Bush made a colossal mistake which has cost us incredible amounts of money, but
more importantly the lives of hundreds of our troops as well as our ability to
credibly threaten countries like North Korea and Iran who we now know actually
possess WMDs. Yes, Bush may have gotten bad info from lots of people about
Iraq, but he is the boss and ultimately is responsible for the decisions he
makes, especially in an election year. Saddam was a horrible dictator, but I'd
feel a lot better if we weren't committed to nation building when Iran and N.
Korea are going nuclear.

If this were a company and you made mistakes of the magnitude Bush did with
Iraq, would your contract get renewed? I think not, even if it was because
you got some bad info.

Ben Allen

UPDATE #2: Let's assume that this isn't going to make it onto national tv. Why don't you readers post in the comments how you think O'Reilly would respond to my letter if it DID make it on.

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