July 12, 2004

Alan Keyes: I Know What's Best For Blacks More Than They Know Themselves!

Keyes was on Hannity & Colmes tonight. Foregoing the question of why he was the only person they talked to about Bush and the NAACP fiasco, Colmes actually managed to pick up a good point and then dropped it faster than you could say "token 'liberal'". After Keyes went off about how Republicans represent the real moral values of black people Colmes managed to squeak, "Well then how come they all vote Democrat?" Keyes stuttered out something that was barely understandable sentences, but he didn't have to worry because Colmes didn't follow up and Hannity jumped in to congratulate Keyes on trying to run a marathon, but the point is well taken and could be taken a bit further. It's true that blacks overwhelmingly do not support gay marriage among some other liberal issues, but what Colmes should have asked is "Doesn't this just show that people don't vote moral issues but rather vote mostly on economic issues followed by more universally important issues like how a president runs a war?" Furthermore, though Keyes essentially claims that the programs created during the Civil Rights Movement have hurt blacks beyond measure, Colmes doesn't question whether Keyes might have, in any way, benefitted from these programs, or if perhaps the programs simply haven't been implemented properly. Instead, in true Colmes fashion, he just let it drop.

On a side note though, they had the mayor of Oakland on afterwards talking about the fundraiser Kerry was at the other night which contained lots of lewd language and bad talk about Bush. Fans of the West Wing should find this oddly familiar. Anyhow, the mayor was great. Basically he said (paraphrasing), "Yeah, lots of things were said and they maybe weren't in the best of taste, but there are so many valid issues in this election that I can't imagine why people care. I know it's tantalizing for cable news networks when something like this or the Cheney swearing thing happens, but if we could just focus on the issues even just a little more this time, I think we'd have plenty to talk about and the discourse would be much better for it."


Noumena said...

Sean Hannity and Rupert Murdoch let Jerry Brown get within sight of a Fox affiliate? Did they have simultaneous strokes or does JB have hitherto-untapped liberal mind control powers?

MosBen said...

I can't remember exactly, but maybe Hannity was wearing a protective helmet like Magneto.