July 21, 2004

The Best Deal Ever

Ok, so Sega Sports is making a big push to dethrone EA Sports' games firstly by making their games better, then by pricing them at $20 a pop. That's right not only are most of their games getting better reviews, they're less than half the price.

But that's not all kids! There's a cross promotion with Coke so that you can get $10 off Sega Sports games. Which sports games will I be buying this year? The ten freaking dollar ones, that's what.


Archgarth said...

Unfortunately it's not that great of a deal, if you check the fine print for game availability (http://www.cokesports.com/espnvideogames.jsp), you can't use the coupon for your $10.00 off until anywhere between one month to a month and a half after the games release date.

Example: NHL 2k5 (the hockey game) comes out mid-September, the coupon is good after 11/16.

Kinda defeats the purpose if you want to get the game on release day (and as far as I know, that's probably going to be the case with most of my fellow posters).

Archgarth said...

In addendum: A good way to get a discount on these 20 dollar games is to use Target rain checks or the Best Buy Gamer's Gift Card. Target rain checks can net you up to 31% off a game (so about $6.00 off the 2k5 ESPN games), where the Gift Card can net you $5.00 off, and neither are too much hassle to obtain.

MosBen said...

Damn, didn't read the fine print. Thanks for the heads up, but for the people that drink a lot of Coke anyway and don't care if they wait a while before buying sports games it's pretty cool and $20 is still pretty damn hot.