July 11, 2004

All you need is love (and not those luxuries like food and shelter)

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Barbara Ehrenreich's tenure on the NYT Op-Ed page while Tom Friedman writes his latest hymn to globalization?

If marriage were a cure for poverty, I'd be the first to demand that H.H.S. spring for the Champagne and bridesmaids' dresses. But as Horn acknowledged to me, there is no evidence to that effect. Married couples are on average more prosperous than single mothers, but that doesn't mean marriage will lift the existing single mothers out of poverty. So what's the point of the administration's marriage meddling? Jacobs thinks that the administration's mixed signals on marriage — O.K. for paupers, a no-no for gays — are part of the conservative effort to "change the subject to marriage." From, for example, Iraq.

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