July 27, 2004

I've Never Seen A Roll Of Quarters That Round!

There's a rumor that some of our readers are more interested in the topic of "Men in Hot Pants" than either "Politics" or "Wackyass Things Ben Finds On The Internet". So there, I'm bowing to public demand. We're THIS close to completely changing the site over to a porn site.  Posted by Hello

Incidentally, here's the link to where this pic came so I don't get any legal trouble from Big Underwear.


Noumena said...

Wow. You really did just grab a catalogue photo.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, very nice. You don't have to have it all porn all the time, because I do actually read it. Just occasional posts of sexy sexy shirtless men. :D
- Manda

MosBen said...

Ask and ye shall receive.