July 12, 2004

I Bring The Level Of Discourse Down A Tad

Another post on tonight's Hannity & Colmes. There's so much I could talk about with this, but William F. Buckley was on the show a little later and though Hannity was complementary, Colmes looked like he was fighting to keep his head out of Buckley's lap. I know, I know, expecting quality balance out of this show is like expecting an episode of Oz to not include either a shiving or painful looking lube-less anal sex, but man, Colmes is such a flacid, which I'm making a noun from now on. Partly because it's a good idea and partly because whiskey has made it sound like a great idea. Part of the reason I'm so frustrated with this is that I read a shitty article today by famed sci-fi writer Orson Scott Card about how there's rampant liberal bias in the media except at the fair and balanced Fox News. I hate bullshit, but I love whiskey.


Anonymous said...

Brandon says:

Yeah, Orson Scott Card is an unusual man, here's a linky to an interview with him I read a couple of years ago: http://archive.salon.com/books/feature/2000/02/03/card/

In it he comes of as this morally right-wing wanting to try communism without actually being a communist conflicted person who has no problem with the killing of innocent people in war as long as the war was justified for a good reason.

MosBen said...

For all the invective the interviewer lays on, I actually didn't think Card came off nearly as horribly as she presented him. Yes, on the issue of homosexuality the guy is just fucking wrong in a huge huge way, but he's not the worst I've ever heard/read though.

And really, I disagree with him on most of his other issues, like war and the way it's waged, but he's not completely off the charts politically on that. He struck me as a moderate Republican on most issues and a zany nut on homosexual issues and a commie-pinko on economic issues.

Speaking of, Card seems to me to be the opposite of a Libertarian. Is there a name for that?