July 15, 2004

Does Your Blood Run Red Or Blue?

I'm a sucker for internet polls, so when Andrew Sullivan posted about this
one, I had to take it. This thing is riddled with problems,
mostly that the "reds" are portrayed as straight up stupid and the
"blues" are close minded ideologues that have no knowledge of anything
outside their elitist little world. I scored right in the middle
because I know things like that Rush is on the radio three hours a day
during the weekday and who Dr. Laura is. Still take the damn quiz
and let's compare.

1 comment:

Noumena said...

In the middle, slightly blue. That's what happens when you grow up in the rural West and live in Chicago. BTW, the first chapter of Thomas Franks' book is about how this red/blue distinction is just a crappy piece of pop sociology first developed by the Conservative media, then spread ad nauseum through the mainstream. Like the intro to the quiz inadvertently suggests, it's as meaningless as IQ or astrological sign.