July 12, 2004

Daredevil Fights With Her While Wearing Tights? Embarrassing Moments!

Seriously, this outfit must help distract her enemies but it has to make her teammates frustrated. I also now see why some of her greatest enemies are the Hand Ninjas and I'm considering signing up. Through Evil Avatar, it seems that all potential sequels for either Daredevil or Electra franchises will depend on how the upcoming Electra feature does. Also, apparantly Ben Affleck won't likely return as Daredevil.

I don't know why so many people didn't like the first DD movie. I thought it was pretty good. The mood was certainly gritty, right were it needed to be, and the action was good. People complain about Affleck, but I thought he was tolerable enough and certainly didn't ruin anything. It's not as good as Spiderman or the X-men, but since when is being less than superb something to complain about.

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Daredevil is more energetic than spiderman .. :-) would love to watch it again

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