July 21, 2004

So, Hannity & Colmes

I was flipping channels last night, waiting for the Daily Show to come on when I happened upon Hannity & Colmes going at it with a tall, long haired blonde who just happened to be Ann Coulter.  The topic of discussion was Sandy Berger's stupid mistake regarding the National Archives. 

Colmes, as always, was pretty much absent and/or appeasing (the nice liberal) while Hannity launched into a tirade about how Berger's actions gravely endangered our national security, how it was treasonous, and how it all comes down to Bill Clinton must have been fully responsible for 9/11, global warming, the ten biblical plagues upon Egypt, and the Holocaust. 

Meanwhile, Ann Coulter looked like she wanted to have Hannity's baby then and there.


MosBen said...

Seriously a child by Hannity and Coulter has got to be some wicked evil spawn.

Archgarth said...

Perhaps the Antichrist him(it)self?

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder, and we are now paying the price