July 02, 2004

Noonan Does London

You wouldn't have thought is was possible, but Peggy Noonan "services" Bush from across an entire ocean. Now that's talent you can't just find on a street corner. Ol' Peg seems to be under the bizarre impression that Americans like and respect President Bush and know he's a "straight shooter with guts" but craze boredom so they might be tempted to elect John Kerry. This might not just be a lap dog's fantasy of her owner if not for the fact that polls continue to show declining support for Bush and a declining belief that he's a "straight shooter".

The reason Bush is polling badly isn't because, as Noonan suggests, American's have a desire to return to some etherial state of normalcy. Bush is polling badly because his "guts" are looking more and more like "asshole-ocity". People are starting to think that maybe we're not safer with a leader that runs around the world kicking dirt in everyone's face and giving his rich buddies a free five minutes in the "Stick it in America's ass" booth.

If Anne Coulter is the crazy bitchy girl in our Political High School, Peggy Noonan is the deluded and obsessed stalker. Actually, Political High School might make for an interesting cartoon.

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