July 07, 2004

Oh fantastic

New Law in Iraq Gives Premier Martial Powers to Fight Uprising

I don't know how to format the fancy block quotations, so I'll just do some highlights like this.

"Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Tuesday signed the law of broad martial powers that allow him to impose curfews anywhere in the country, ban groups he considers seditious and order the detentions of people suspected of being security risks."

It's not martial law; it's just the law that allows a declaration of martial law. There are some token limitations, but this is still not a positive development. Also note this little gem:

"Under the formal American occupation, Iraqis in effect lived under martial law for 15 months .... United Nations Resolution 1546 still grants the American military many of those rights."

Iraqi freedom my ass.

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MosBen said...

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