July 02, 2004

Shock Jock Shocks Socks

So Kos has a post about how Howard Stern could effect the election given how pissed Stern is about all the FCC flack lately. There's a link to a polling chart too, which confuses me. The thing I don't get is that according to the chart, over half of Stern's independent listeners plan on voting Bush despite the constant tirades Stern's been on for the last several months. True, over half of Stern's likely voters are voting Kerry, but by my count the difference between the Bush/Kerry voters ammounts to an 800,000 boost to Kerry, which is quite a bit for sure, but just a tenth of the 8,000,000 united Stern listeners people seem to be talking about lately. Yeah, this is going to be a close election and any boost is a good boost, but people seem to be making more out of Stern's influence than seems to be born out by this poll.

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