July 01, 2004

Don't Trust Anyone Over $30,000/yr.

You want an op-ed article about how liberals aren't the elitist bunch that the Right says they are? You ask, I deliver.

Now, I'm sure Micheal Moore's image is pretty conciously maintained precisely to give him credibility as non-elite, but still, it all comes down to issues. If you look at one party who includes tax cuts predominantly for the wealthy, eliminating the "death tax" to help rich kids inherit their parents fortunes, and cutting all sorts of social programs on their platform it seems pretty clear to me that they're not the party of the Joe Six Pack, they just do a better job pushing it.

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Noumena said...

(Let's see if I still remember HTML)

Salon has an interview with the author of the book Ehrenreich mentions.

Incidentally, how cool is it that Ehrenreich is replacing Friedman for a month? Pretty damn cool, I'd say.