July 01, 2004

The Power of Christ Compels You To Pay Fines!

So CBS might get a half a million dollar fine for the whole Super Bowl Boobie incident. I mean really, let's ignore all of the arguments about what a pruddish nation the US is and how you can show all kinds of violence on TV heaven forbid we get any sexual content, but half a million dollars for a couple seconds of boob? Really, if there's going to be some kind of fine, all I'm saying is that it should fall in line with the exotic dancer/lady of the night sliding scale for services. There wasn't even a 'happy ending' at the end of the halftime show!

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Noumena said...

And, of course, showing a nipple on national television is much, much worse than dramatizing sexual violence as entertainment. Ripping off a woman's shirt is okay, just make sure you don't expose her in the process.